Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Shedding!

This is the time of year that pets shed and many like to shave down their dog or cat to avoid the hair all over the house. This also allows new coat to grow in nicely.

Lion Cuts are popular for medium and long haired cats - just the "mane" area around the ears is left as well as the hair on the tip of the tail - hence a lion look. I shave to the first joint of the leg unless the cat is agreeable to a little further down.

Dogs, such as terriers, chows and Labradors, benefit from a yearly cut if not more often. Using an aloe creme rinse eases the skin irritations that may be discovered after the hair is removed. Again, I shave from behind the ears to the base of the tail.

A #7 blade works best for cats and dogs. I like the rough #7 for really thick coats, clipping forward. Then finish up with a #7F for the smooth look.

For horses, the tools above are great for shedding. See

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