Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lion Cuts

Lion Cuts are popular for cats when it is a long-haired variety and has become matted. Also, the short-haired cat like the one above may need a shave down because its humans are allergic to the pet dander - shaving and bathing on a monthly basis seems to help reduce the allergy symptoms.

Dogs, such as a Pomeranian or a Chow like the one above, also benefit from a Lion Cut if they have skin problems, fleas or other issues. With their dense double coat, a shave down is the only way to clip them, unlike a 1/2" Puppy Cut that can be done on a silky hair dog like a Yorkie.

Lion Cuts typically means the pet is shaved from behind the ears to the base of the tail, and down the leg to the first joint. Sometimes, the neck hair is left long, like a mane of a lion, and other times the hair is thinned and trimmed to blend into the rest of the body. The tail of the cat is often shaved leaving just a tuft at the end.

An aloe creme rinse makes a great addition after the pet's bath, making the skin less itchy and the coat feeling smooth. The best reason though, is the heavenly smell of aloe, especially if the pet sleeps with you!

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