Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advantages to Mobile Grooming

Recently, I joined the grooming team at Paw Wash Plus, based in New Port Richey, Florida. I'm continuing to groom dogs and cats in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties in the Tampa Bay area.

Many pet owners are finding that requesting grooming with a mobile pet groomer has many benefits, to both the owner and the pet.
  • Pet is less anxious since it never leaves the driveway - it can see its house!
  • No contact with strange pets, so less stress and chance of catching something like fleas.
  • Less time with groomer since bathed, dried & groomed/clipped in an hour or two instead of being left at a pet salon for a half or full day.
  • No cages to be confined in!
  • The owner has no gas to travel to a pet salon.
  • The owner can set an appointment that is convenient for them, even on weekends.
  • Most mobile groomers (including Paw Wash Plus) give multiple pet discounts, referral discounts and new customer promos.

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  1. They have concerns about getting their dog or cat into the car, bringing them into the shop, and turning them over to a stranger.Pet grooming