Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Shave Down Time!

Sam, a St. Bernard, proudly shows off his recent shave down!

It's Springtime! As warmer weather approaches, especially in the southern states, it's time to think about having your dog or cat shaved. Many breeds can benefit from this such as the St. Bernard above. Sam's hair was about six inches long before his haircut. He's cooler and cleaner now.

Some owners have their shedding dogs (Labs, Golden Retrievers, spaniels, etc) shaved during the warmer months, and furminated in the wintertime. Some want as short as possible (#7 blade) while others like a little fuzz with a longer blade (#5). Also, poodle crosses such a Labradoodles, benefit from being clipped.

Cats, especially with long hair, benefit from shave downs as well. No more tangles, matts or hairballs!
The Lion Cut has the cat shaved from the neck to the paws and the tail except for a fluffy tip. If long haired, the mane is left around the head.

A calico purrs after her Lion Cut!