Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Mobile Grooming?

Why choose mobile pet grooming instead of taking your furry friend to a shop for its bath and/or haircut?

Some of the reasons my customers tell me:
  • For the convenience (I groom in my van in your driveway and I'm totally self-contained.)
  • So my dog doesn't have to be at the shop all day. (It takes about 60-90 minutes per pet at your house)
  • So my dog or cat doesn't have to be caged. (It's just me and the pet in my van.)
  • So my dog or cat doesn't have to be around other pets. (It's just me and the pet in my van.)
  • I don't like to drive anywhere with my pet. (Many senior citizens don't.)
  • My pet gets car sick. (I don't move my van.)
  • My pet is old and hard to move. (I help into my van, and my hydraulic table lifts it up to tub level.)
  • My pet is afraid of all the shop activity and noises. (It's just me and the pet in my van.)

If these reasons pertain to you and your dog or cat, contact a local mobile groomer! The prices for mobile grooming are higher than when groomed in a shop, but my customers say it's well worth it!

My van has a/c and heat, warm water and several settings on the dryer to be gentle on little dogs and cats, or stronger for long-haired dogs so they dry quicker. The clip-vac for my clippers gives a more even cut and the Drummel tool gives their nails a smooth, round tip.

In Tampa area, call/text me at 814-937-0704.