Sunday, August 9, 2009

Furminate Your Dog & Cat

The Aussie Pet Mobile (who I groom for) offers a Furminator service for dogs and cats. It's great for both long-haired pets and short-haired ones alike. Maya (above) is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I furminate every two weeks. Because she is done regularly, she doesn't have as much hair wash/brush off as a Labrador that is done once a year.

Aussie's Furminator process is 3-Steps: a shampoo that is massaged in for 10 min, a thick rinse solution that stays on for 10 min and then the dog is rinsed well and turbo dried. The final step is the brushing with the furminator combs that have teeth like a #40 blade. This process removes the dead hair, tufts left over from the winter coat and loose undercoat.

A big dog will take me 90 min while a dog Maya's size will be about an hour - the drying time takes longer for those with thick or long hair.

Furminating will not only make your dog shinier, cooler and happier, but also keep your home cleaner with much less dog hair!
For info on Aussie Pet Mobile, a self-contained grooming service that comes to your home or business:

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