Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teeth Brushing, Ear & Eye Cleaning

To keep the tarter build-up down, brush your dogs teeth regularly. I find that the gloves or thimble type brushes (built in on the tip) are easier to use than a human toothbrush.

A tarter control pet toothpaste can be added to the brush tip and let the dog sniff and lick it to see that it won't hurt him, like the big dog above.

Then, rub the front teeth first with the brush and paste. Most dog toothpaste is flavored so they like the taste. This allows you to gently wedge your brush tipped finger to his back teeth.
For poodles and other small breeds with hair inside the ear, pluck out that hair with an ear powder first.
Use a cotton pad (found in the cosmetic section of a pharmacy) for large ears and a Q-tip for smaller breeds. Squirt a small amount of dog ear cleaner (or half & half mixture of vinegar and alcohol) on the cotton and wipe gently, using a separate pad for each ear. Be careful not to go in too deep, especially with a Q-tip. If a dark residue shows on the pad, use more pads or swabs until clean.
When gunk accumulates in your dog's eyes, use a cotton pad with an eye solution for dogs. Wipe using a separate pad on each eye as not to transfer an infection if there is one.

Some dogs tear more often than others, and a tell-tale sign is a discoloring of the hair under the eyes. Dogs such as the Shih Tzu have hair that grows wild around their eyes, creating a mess when their eyes tear. This area needs to be cut clean first to avoid the build up and so you can see their pretty eyes!

You can find pet care products at your local pet store or here's an online site that offers natural pet care products:

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