Friday, January 1, 2010

More on Non-Shedding Dogs

This Cocker Spaniel cross shows how their hair grows, and grows and grows.

If left too long, the hair may become extremely matted, the hair on top and under paws (especially on a Cocker I noticed) attract sticky stuff and burrs etc. and the hair around the ears becomes very dirty (often from them falling into their food & eater dishes).

I trimmed this dog into a 1/2" Puppy Cut. The owner wanted the ears full and long so I just trimmed the edges round, but shaved the inside near the ear canal. I pluck any inside hair using ear powder.

For the paws, I use a #40 blade to clean under the paws and scissor the top, rounding them as well.

The standard Cocker cut has a skirt, and I'll explain that grooming trim when I take photos - I have a client with a pair of Cocker Spaniels due to be done soon.

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