Monday, January 25, 2010

Other Breed Cuts

Here's a variety of dog cuts!

TOP: Shih Tzu - 1/2" Puppy Cut with a Teddy Bear face; Note the fan tail and ears even with the beard.

# 2 : Yellow Lab shave down

# 3 : Standard Poodle with shaved muzzle and Pop-pom tail. Body is about 1/4" blended into 1/2" legs. She is one of a pair I do - the male has a goatee!

# 4 : Pair of long-haired dachshunds; in winter I leave their hair about 1/4" while in summer I may shave them.

# 5 : Three Cuties! Yorkie on left and the other two are Shih Tzus. All with the popular 1/2" Puppy Cut.

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